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The Benefits of Investing in Baton Rouge Real Estate

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, offers a variety of historical real estate and new development opportunities for investors. Louisiana real estate is ripe with history and unique features, particularly the homes located in the Baton Rouge area. This important city combines a rich history dating back to 1700′s as well as a current boom in new construction and technology.

There are several large real estate projects currently underway or recently completed, including condos, apartments, and business towers. Whether you’re interested in investing in pre-existing or constructing new real estate, Baton Rouge, Louisiana is prime location to begin your search.

New Development

Baton Rouge real estate is rife with new development and construction projects that aim to preserve the culture and charm of Louisiana while maintaining a modern standard of comfort and aesthetics. Blending the past with the present is a popular choice, attracting new residents as well as keeping older Baton Rouge generations pleased with new developments.

If choosing to develop a new property or renovating preexisting real estate, there are architecture firms, both residential and commercial, that specialize in preserving the history while making appropriate upgrades.

Residential Investment

Baton Rouge real estate is charmingly diverse, ranging from ultra-modern apartments to plantations and bungalows. Many properties combine several architectural and historical elements to create a uniquely individual piece of real estate.

Although the real estate market is sluggish, historical homes or real estate in historical neighborhoods tends to hold its value better than modern counterparts. Niche markets, such as unique architecture, can fetch higher prices and serious buyers even during difficult economic periods. There will always be a demand for the unusual, which makes Louisiana real estate a wise investment.

If you’re still hesitant, apartments and rental units are rising in popularity. As foreclosures rise, more people are forced to move into apartments or other forms of rental property. Rental units provide a steady stream of income and can always be sold at a later date.


Many properties in Baton Rouge are ready for renovations, whether the building has been left to decay over time or suffered from hurricane damage. Skilled renovators can often make a large profit with minimal initial investment.

Even hiring professional contractors to complete the project can generally still provide a savvy seller with a reasonable sales profit. Or, if you’re a do-it-yourselfer, this Louisiana city offers terrific renovation gems that could eventually create great profits for you over time with some hard work and creativity. Renting real estate to buy or leasing is another potential option during difficult economic times.

An experienced realtor can help you explore the various investment opportunities available in Baton Rouge, Louisiana real estate. Property can help you expand and balance your investment portfolio, for some it even provides a reliable stream of extra income which can be reinvested or simply saved away. Even in sluggish real estate markets, historical homes and neighborhoods are safe havens for your capital. Baton Rouge offers an array of appealing real estate options to choose from.